About us

Setting 24/7 service principle along with utmost customer satisfaction as its core purposes, Yokaya is an IoT (Internet of Things) brand that develops motor vehicle and passenger safety solutions which work on the latest technology. YOKAYA goes further than being a systems integrator by developing its own technology, software and even hardware to create high tech projects that provide high value to its customers and stakeholders.

YOKAYA created a new category in its market, being a pioneer with its CarGuard solution which is a smart vehicle and passenger security system. Yokaya CarGuard enables the end user to be able to get notifications and act on real time data about the safety of their vehicle or their beloved ones driving the vehicle which is received from the Yokaya CarGuard device in the vehicle.

YOKAYA continues its R&D operations in Teknokent of Yıldız University located in İkitelli neighbourhood of Istanbul.

YOKAYA gets its inspiration from a Native American tribe, YOKAYA, which has lived at the western part of the continent and was renowned with their good tracking and signalling skills.